About Me

I’m Susie.  I’m 45, married and raising 3 kiddos all while doing my best to keep my body in one piece despite the obstacles thrown my way.  The only way to get through all this is to be real, throw in some humor and try to help inspire someone else with a heavy load.


5 Responses to About Me

  1. Matt says:

    Love you, Susie. We are thinking about you always. Your brother-in-law, Matt

  2. Al & Diane VanLoocke says:

    Susie, Your mom sent me your blog and I’ve thoroughly read it all. I am so sorry you are going through this and hardly know what to say. your writings and expressions are most wonderful and courageous. I have sent it on to Cory. I have also have not stopped praying for all of you. I am wondering if I can have you put on the prayer list at church? The ‘spoons’ writing is such a beautiful and accurate picture! That woman,Christine?, certainly did a beautiful job. Susie, I am just so struck by your deep love and courage. It is remarkable. Please know we am sending you thoughts and prayers for healing, strength, light and love. May God bless you in ways I don’t know to ask for.
    Al and Diane VanLoocke

  3. Al & Diane VanLoocke says:

    First, is it ok to ask for prayers for all of you at church??
    Second, I have had no dreams since Jan. but on Oct. 15th, after returning from a long wkend at Cory’s, I had a dream that made no sense to me. I knew there was a message but couldn’t figure it out. Until I read your blog and see what you are going through. I began looking at the dream again and along with a message we got from Ryan through Jill Weirich about something else, I have decided it was obviously meant for you, your mom, and Amy and now makes sense. I don’t think the details matter as much as the words which were” I have always loved you and I will always be a part of your life.” I think this was to be a message and gift to all of you and hope it brings a comfort.
    Prayers for all of you. I imagine your Mom is there helping with the kids and we are praying for all of you.
    Love heals

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