Hey,  it’s me.

I’m not sure if you are ready to talk

but I am


I am ready

for you to listen.


We have drifted

much too far apart

to even recognize each other any more.

We are not meant to be strangers.


Remember how easy it used to be?

We were happy

easy, strong and carefree.

No one was closer

or more connected.

What are we now?

Who are we?

We are not meant to be strangers.


You’re angry?

And you think I’m not?

You think this is how I imagined our life together?

It is complicated

and hurtful

and challenging.

I honestly didn’t think

it would be

this tough.


But, despite all this

I’ve always understood you

trusted you

and loved you.

I hope you realize by now

that I’m not ever going to give up on us.

I’ll never let you give up on us either.

I’ll die before I do.


So, if you need me to spell this out more clearly

I can do that for you.

I am Susie.  Your self.

And you, my one and only body

belong to me.

And we are not meant to be strangers.


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6 Responses to Strangers

  1. Susie,
    Not to worry, I will never give up on you! You are the most courageous person I have ever met! Yet when you are down you are never out! There are very few people that can do that and just stand up to fight again! Have you gotten anywhere as far as getting you treatments. If not have you tried to find private foundations that will donate to pay for them? Have you considered suing Highmark?

  2. Susan says:

    Oooh, I liked the surprise ending. Very moving. Thanks, Susie.

  3. Brenda H says:

    Just beautiful.

  4. This gave me chills. Nice work.

  5. Jen says:

    And you’re not a published author why? Amazing piece that truly bares your soul. You are always an inspiration.

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